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City of Minneapolis Wireless Updates and Pre-Registration
Press Release: Minneapolis Selects US Internet for Citywide Wireless
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Dear Oanet and MDCi Customers,

We at US Internet Corp are very happy to have you as customers! We are excited to offer you additional service offerings, extended support capabilities and our excellent customer service. We believe you’ll be very happy with your US Internet Services. Having said that we do understand and regret that some of you have had problems during your migration to US Internet. We understand that this is troubling, it is extremely disturbing to us at USI as well. I assure you we have been trying to make your migration smooth and the service problems have actually been caused by vendor mistakes and not by us at USI. Though I think we are ultimately responsible for the quality of your services with us and our vendors, so it is frustrating for both of us. We will continue to try and make any remaining migrations steps painless to you, we are optimistic that we have worked through the issues. We do believe you will be happy with your Service and Support through US Internet. We are excited to have you as a customer.

Kurt Lange VP of Operations US Internet Corp.

Hosting Customers: All the hosting customers (Web, FTP) are hosted at USI and their domain records are correctly pointed here, so all hosting customers should be 100% functional at this time.

VOIP Customers: VOIP Customers, we are switching carriers and Voip phone numbers are still porting from the old carriers to the new carriers, this process will be completing over the next couple of weeks, we will be watching this closely but if you have any problems with your service please call us right away.

VoIP Support, temporarily handled by Nakul, at 877.922.2555 ext. 105

Dialup Customers: All dialup customers should be moved to USI Dialup Phone numbers.

Our Dialup numbers should be servicing all but a few customers that we were unable to transfer, those that could transfer should be able to find local dial in numbers at our website

USI Contact Information:   Website:
                                               Toll Free: 1.800.874.6837
                                               Minnesota: 952.253.3200
                                               Sales Email:
                                               Support Email:

Sales Center · 1.800.874.6837
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